Multiple Job Openings at Al Ain Cooperative Society in UAE

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Established on the 5th December 1981 as a joint stock company in the co-operative sector, Al Ain Cooperative Society is the first of its kind established in Al Ain, the Green City of United Arab Emirates.  It started its core business activities of retailing on 1st April 1982 and very sooner the residents of Al …

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o make it more convenient to shoppers, Al Ain Co-op also features several other facilities and amenities includes Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Pharmacy, Beauty salon, Branded perfumes & watches, ATM counters, and many more.

Al ain Coop always provides Wide opportunities to the leading brands and business organizations to build up a long-lasting partnership. Our Project and Leasing Team are hard-working always drive exceptional business value for all our Partners, making Partnership a success.

To find out more about our upcoming projects and leasing opportunities, please contact us.

Be a part of a successful partnership, grow together.


We have more than 1000 employees from various nationalities joined hands together in giving better service to our customers.

Our human resources are continuously expanding and upgrading to meet the market requirement.


We are the largest chain of retail stores in Al Ain, serving over 6 million customers every year. Al Ain Coop is recognized as one of the best generous companies for its support of local government entities & social communities.

Al Ain Coop -as a Corporative retailer, we recognize our employees are our most important asset, and their teamwork helps us to achieve our business goals.

We’re always on the lookout for ambitious & energetic personnel to strengthen our team and we seek highly motivated & talented professionals who are excited at the chance to do their life’s best work every day.

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Al Ain Co-operative Society was established on the 5th of December 1981 as a joint-stock company in the co-operative sector. Al Ain Coop is the first of its kind established in Al Ain, the Green City of United Arab Emirates.

This privacy policy statement will further explain how and why we collect your personal information for the purpose of both managing your accounts with us and processing transactions made between you and Al Ain Coop.


Al Ain Coop started its core business activities of retailing on 1st April 1982 and very sooner the residents of Al Ain witnessed a retailing revolution in their neighborhood with branches of “Al Ain Coop” stretching their hands over the length and breadth of the city limits and outskirts. Today, Al Ain Co-op has 29 branches, and the 30th branch will open soon


To be the first and the best choice for the consumer in the retail sector.


Offering excellent shopping experience for the consumers by providing Diverse consumer products with high quality at competitive prices. Also, strive to expand operations in all areas of the region to increase the customer base and achieve the best returns for shareholders through consistent development of our current stores.


Al Ain Coop always committed to justify the slogan “Better Value Everyday” in meeting the day-to-day needs of our customers by providing better service and also offering better products every day at the lowest price.

Al Ain Cooperative Society ensures customer satisfaction and everyday convenience while offering unbeatable value for money with a vast array of more than 35,000 products. Al Ain Coop is recognized as one of the best generous companies for its support to local government entities and social communities aimed to serve the best for the people and community.

Al Ain Coop maintains a steadfast focus on offering quality products at affordable prices. Our customers are guaranteed to feel a better shopping experience that comprises fresh fruits & vegetables, meat, fish, oven-fresh bakery, salads, fresh juices, various Indian, Chinese, Arabic, Continental cuisines along with households, stationeries, toys, etc.

We also showcased & sell specialty food products like organic, sugar-free, gluten-free food products, etc., and promoted the diversity of organic food products and other local products, including vegetables, fruits, and fresh meat, in support of local, national farms.

Besides, Al Ain Cooperative Society adopted the subsidized goods project for citizens and assigned a designated display area for the products supported by the Municipality in all its branches.


As a joint-stock company in the co-operative sector, we believe in the “Build & Operate” retail strategy. Al Ain Coop has three levels of retail formats – Hypermarket, Supermarket, and Urban Market each tailored to facilitate and serve the Emirati community needs in a particular locality, and as per the vision and guidance of the government, institutions to support our communities’ daily provisions, including all nationalities in the region.

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