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If you are thinking of moving to Dubai, applying for job opportunities at Khalifa University can be a worthwhile option. As an employee at Khalifa University, you will be part of a vibrant team of scholars and professionals committed to making a positive impact across disciplines. Whether you are an academic, passionate researcher, or business professional, Khalifa University in Dubai offers the opportunity to work at a leading internationally recognized institution in education and research When you contribute to the university’s mission, you play a vital role in shaping the future of education and innovation in the region

About Khalifa University

Khalifa University in the United Arab Emirates is known for its academic excellence and commitment to research and innovation Offering a variety of academic programs, Khalifa University offers students and faculty the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research and contribute to society. The University frequently offers career opportunities in a wide range of sectors, including faculty positions for individuals with strong research and teaching skills, research positions for those eager to pursue cutting edge scholarship, and administrative assignments to effectively manage its operations. For those looking for a dynamic and inspiring work environment in Dubai, Khalifa University jobs can offer the exciting prospect of being part of an organization dedicated to nurturing academic excellence and nurturing innovation.Khalifa University also known as Khalifa University of Science and Technology, is a prestigious university located in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates Established in 2007, the university is the result of a merger of three renowned institutionsKhalifa University is committed to world-class education, research and innovation across a wide range of disciplines. The university offers undergraduate, undergraduate, and doctoral programs in engineering, science, medicine, business, and the arts. Focused on cutting-edge research and technological development, Khalifa University aims to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among students and faculty.The university campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories, providing a unique teaching and research environment. Through its research centers and institutes, Khalifa University works actively with industry partners and international organizations to address real-world challenges and deliver impactful solutions.Khalifa University’s vision is to become a world-leading research-intensive university that contributes significantly to the advancement of knowledge and plays an important role in the development of the UAE and the wider region.

Faculty Positions

Khalifa University offers faculty positions in different academic fields, such as engineering, sciences, humanities, business, and medicine. These positions usually require a Ph.D. or equivalent in the relevant field and a strong research and teaching background.

Research Positions

The university encourages research and innovation and hires researchers and postdoctoral fellows to work on various research projects. These positions may be temporary or long-term, depending on the specific research project.

Administrative and Support Staff

Like any university, Khalifa University also employs administrative and support staff to manage various departments and operations. These roles may include positions in finance, human resources, admissions, student services, and more.

Teaching and Lab Assistants

There may be opportunities for teaching assistants or lab assistants to support faculty members in their teaching and research activities.

Student Positions

Some part-time or temporary positions might be available for current students to gain work experience while pursuing their studies.

Job Vacancy

) Procurement Specialist

2) Coordinator

3) Compliance Specialist

4) Program Manager

5) Post Doctoral Fellow

6) Enterprise Risk Management Specialist

7) Manager Compliance

8) Business Development Senior Specialist

9) Research Scientist

10) Manager Enterprise Risk Management

11) Compliance Manager

12) Manager, Enterprise Risk Management

13) Senior Auditor

14) RL Projects Specialist

15) Auditor

16) Research Lab Specialist

17) Sales Executive

18) Research Systems Specialist

19) Manager IP and Agreements

20) Program Director Student Academic Support Services

21) Chair Pathology

22) Senior Research Scientist

23) Faculty Anatomy & Cellular Biology – Open Rank Faculty

24) Open Rank Faculty  – Nuclear Engineering

25) Senior Executive Assistant

26) Lab Engineer

27) Administrative Assistant

28) UG Student Registration Services Officer

29) Open Rank Faculty – Mathematics

30) Assistant Professor, Pharmacology

31) International Recruitment Senior Officer

32) Student Recruitment and Admissions Officer

33) Open Rank Faculty – Industrial and Systems Engineering

34) Open Rank Faculty.1011134 – Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering

35) Director Student Services

36) Research Assistant

37) Internal and External Digital Officer

38) Research Associate

39) Director Simulation and Commercialization

40) Social Media Officer

41) Lab Assistant

42) Contracts Senior Specialist

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