McDermott Engineering and Construction Jobs in Dubai UAE

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About McDermott International Dubai

McDermott International, headquartered in Dubai, is a well-known and fully integrated powerhouse in the oil and energy industry. McDermott has gained the trust of its clients with an uncompromising dedication to the energy industry and a technology-driven strategy that redefines the way we design and construct critical infrastructure. In an era where prudent energy management is critical, McDermott plays a critical role in ensuring that oil and gas are not only effectively transported but also turned into the essential products on which the world relies today.

McDermott’s knowledge shines brightly in a society that increasingly relies on fossil fuels and energy supplies. Their integrated engineering and construction solutions aim to facilitate the responsible transition of oil and gas. McDermott understands the importance of sustainable energy practices and is at the forefront of technology advancements that enable the energy industry to satisfy global demands while minimizing environmental impacts. McDermott International is a critical partner in securing a sustainable energy future for us all, with a commitment to quality and a focus on tomorrow’s demands.


List of Jobs

1) Principal HSES Advisor – Apply Here

2) Pipeline Welding Engineer – Apply Here

3) Senior Subcontracts Specialist – Apply Here

4) Principal Operations Engineer – Apply Here

5) Manager IT Fabrication Yard – Apply Here

6) Principal Estimator – Apply Here

7) Senior Quality Inspector (QC Supervisor-HVAC) – Apply Here

8) Senior Quality Inspector (QC Supervisor-Structural/Welding) – Apply Here

9) Senior Quality Inspector (QC Supervisor-Piping/Welding) – Apply Here

10) Senior Quality Inspector (QC Supervisor-Mech/Welding/Arch) – Apply Here

11) Quality Inspection Supervisor – Apply Here

12) Principal Pipeline Welding Engineer – Apply Here

13) Senior Quality Inspector (QC Supervisor-E&I) – Apply Here 

14) R&D Manager – Apply Here

15) Materials Engineering Manager (Pipelines Production) – Apply Here

16) Senior Quality Inspector (QC Supervisor-Materials) – Apply Here

17) Principal Pipeline Production Specialist – Apply Here

18) Senior Quality Inspector (QC Supervisor-Mech/Welding) – Apply Here

19) Quality Inspector (Welding) – Apply Here

20) Quality Inspector (E&I) – Apply Here

21) Metallurgy Specialist – Apply Here

22) Principal Technology Specialist – Apply Here

23) Principal Pipeline Production Specialist (Commercial Lead) – Apply Here

24) Senior Accountant – Apply Here

25) Senior Quality Inspector (QC Supervisor-Coating) – Apply Here

About McDermott International Careers UAE

McDermott International, with a strong presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), provides exciting employment possibilities for professionals looking to make a big difference in the energy business. McDermott, as a fully integrated provider of engineering and construction solutions to the energy sector, is at the forefront of technological breakthroughs and innovation. What distinguishes McDermott is its constant dedication to a technology-driven strategy, which resonates with experts working to define the future of energy infrastructure. McDermott’s comprehensive solutions offer certainty, innovation, and added value to energy projects not only in the UAE, but globally. Joining the McDermott team in the UAE is more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to be a part of something special. A worldwide force shaping how we safely transport and turn oil and gas into the products that power the world today. If you’re passionate about driving advancement in the energy sector and looking for a rewarding career with a forward-thinking organization, McDermott International in the UAE could be the ideal fit for you.



Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Commissioning, Subsea Infrastructure, LNG, Power, Technology, Downstream, Upstream, Fabrication, Onshore, and Offshore

Is McDermott a good company?

McDermott has a long history of providing innovative and sustainable solutions to clients around the world, and has been recognized for its safety performance and commitment to excellence.

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