Government Job Vacancies at Ashghal – Public Works Authority Qatar

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The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ was established in 2004 to be responsible for the planning, design, procurement, construction, delivery, and asset management of all infrastructure projects and public buildings in Qatar. Ashghal key responsibilities include governing the design, construction, and management of major projects including roads, drainage and buildings such as public buildings, schools .

Ashghal, also known as the Public Works Authority, is a government entity responsible for the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure projects in Qatar. If you are interested in government job vacancies at Ashghal, here is a general description of what you can expect:

Infrastructure Development: Ashghal is involved in a wide range of infrastructure projects, including roads, highways, bridges, drainage systems, wastewater treatment plants, and public buildings. Working for Ashghal means contributing to the development and enhancement of Qatar’s infrastructure.

Government Sector: Ashghal is a government authority, which means that job vacancies are in the public sector. Government jobs often come with stability, competitive compensation packages, and various benefits.

Professional Opportunities: Ashghal offers a diverse range of job opportunities for professionals from various fields. This includes civil engineering, architecture, project management, quantity surveying, construction management, environmental engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and more.

Project Lifecycle: Ashghal is involved in all stages of infrastructure projects, from the initial planning and design to construction, maintenance, and operation. Job vacancies can be available in different project phases, offering opportunities for professionals with different skill sets and expertise.


Collaborative Work Environment: Working at Ashghal involves collaboration with various stakeholders, including government agencies, consultants, contractors, and the local community. It requires effective communication, teamwork, and coordination to ensure successful project delivery.

Professional Development: Ashghal encourages professional development and provides opportunities for employees to enhance their skills and knowledge. This can include training programs, workshops, conferences, and further education to support career advancement within the organization.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability: Ashghal is committed to delivering infrastructure projects of the highest quality, meeting international standards, and promoting sustainability. Working for Ashghal means contributing to projects that prioritize environmental stewardship, resource efficiency, and sustainable practices.

To explore specific job vacancies at Ashghal, it is recommended to visit their official website or job portals that specialize in government job postings. There, you can find detailed job descriptions, qualifications, application processes, and deadlines for vacancies that match your skills and interests.


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