Low Calories Restaurant jobs Openings in Abu Dhabi

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Low Calories Restaurant jobs Openings in Abu Dhabi One of the best restaurants in the UAE offering healthy food. We believed that healthy or diet food with great taste was possible and each day that is what we deliver to our customers. Low Calories Restaurant offers fresh nutritious food, with new ideas, new flavors and sauces . Are you passionate about promoting healthy eating and providing consumers with healthy, tasty meals? If so, you’ll be happy to know that Abu Dhabi has exciting job opportunities available in low-calorie restaurants. These places focus on serving delicious food with calories in mind without compromising on taste. Working in such an environment allows you to be part of a team that prioritizes health and wellbeing, and has a positive impact on lifestyle choices in the community.

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As a potential candidate, you may want to consider positions such as Chef or Cook, where you can showcase your culinary skills by creating innovative, low-calorie recipes with ingredients new local sources will be used. Additionally, if you have a background in nutrition you could pursue a role as a nutritionist or dietitian, collaborating closely with the kitchen team to develop healthy food options around your preferred dietary options.

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Imagine that you are passionate about providing exceptional customer service while promoting a healthier lifestyle. In that case, opportunities as a waitress or waitress may appeal, as you’ll be interacting with patrons and sharing information about the restaurant’s healthy offerings. Front-of-house and back-of-house staff are also available, allowing you to help keep the restaurant running smoothly, whether it’s greeting guests or helping to prepare the food.

To stay ahead in a competitive market, low-calorie restaurants are also hiring marketing and social media managers to spread their unique perspective and connect with a health-conscious audience. In this role you will be responsible for creating strong content, managing online forums, and organizing promotions to attract more consumers among the remaining

We each have different schedules and life pressures that might affect our nutritional choices. So, living a healthy and balanced lifestyle can be both challenging and time consuming. If you want to commit to a healthier lifestyle, you don’t have to devote two hours a day to cooking, and spend all your time figuring out what is healthy and what is not. Instead, simply subscribe to our monthly meal packages and live the healthy lifestyle you deserve…

  • Chef or Cook
  • Responsible for preparing and cooking low-calorie meals using fresh, nutritious ingredients. Chefs may also be involved in developing new recipes and menu items.
  • Nutritionist or Dietitian
  • Some low-calories restaurants hire nutritionists or dietitians to create well-balanced and healthy menu options, provide advice to customers, and ensure that the meals meet certain nutritional criteria.
  • Server or Waitstaff
  • Waitstaff take orders, serve food, and interact with customers. In a low-calories restaurant, they might need to be knowledgeable about the menu’s nutritional information to answer customer questions.
  • Bartender
  • If the low-calories restaurant offers beverages, bartenders may be required to create low-calorie cocktails and drinks.
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Managers oversee the daily operations of the restaurant, including staff management, customer service, and ensuring that the restaurant’s concept aligns with the low-calorie theme.
  • Front-of-House Staff
  • These employees greet customers, take reservations, manage the seating, and generally ensure the smooth running of the restaurant’s front-of-house operations.
  • Back-of-House Staff
  • In addition to chefs, there are other kitchen staff like prep cooks, dishwashers, and kitchen assistants who help with food preparation and cleaning.
  • Marketing and Social Media Manager
  • Some low-calories restaurants hire marketing professionals to promote their restaurant and its healthy offerings through various channels, including social media.

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1) Sous Chef
2) Chef
3) Demi Chef
4) Commis

5) Kitchen Steward
6) Storekeeper


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