Kitopi Jobs & Careers In Dubai

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Kitopi Jobs & Careers In Dubai  At Kitopi, we believe our people are the core of our organization.Join a fun and diverse group of people working collaboratively to satisfy the world’s appetite by revolutionizing the way we access food. We are not just building a Kitchen Utopia, we are building a Utopian workplace- one where we grow, thrive, and make an impact together- through empowerment, respect, integrity, and the entrepreneurial spirit.To get there, we have a unique culture- one that is underpinned by our core values that guide us in everything we do- from how we recruit, to how we work with each other, to how we drive impact, to how we treat our people, our brands, and our customers.
As we continue to grow and evolve, our values are what will remain constant, and drive our Utopian aspirations. This is Kitopi- and this is our promise to always remain true to what we say we are, and what we will become.Kitopi Academy serves to empower Kitopians to be our best selves through training, learning and development (TLD).We bring together a team of in-house TLD experts and partner with global cutting-edge faculty and thought leaders to provide transformational, innovative, and hands-on development interventions.
​With a series of recurring trainings, accelerated development programs and workshops running throughout the year, Kitopi Academy ensures all Kitopians are well equipped in our collective pursuit to satisfy the world’s appetite.

About Kitopi Jobs
Kitopi was founded in Dubai, UAE, in January 2018, as a managed cloud kitchen platform. Kitopi leverages its proprietary in-house tech to cook multiple brands in one single kitchen, taking care of the end-to-end operations, and delivering directly to consumers.As part of its long term growth strategy, and because of the challenges faced by F&B businesses due to the pandemic, Kitopi began investing in these outlets. As a result, Kitopi has evolved to become a tech-powered multi-brand restaurant. Today our offerings encompasses both online and dine-in locations.

Kitopi Jobs & Careers In Dubai Kitopi, a renowned innovator in food technology, offers a wealth of exciting career opportunities and promising careers With a strong presence in Dubai, Kitopi is at the forefront of a revolution that is transforming food service and cloud kitchens. Aspiring professionals searching fulfillment Positions available from technical employment to commercial customer service Kitopi’s commitment to excellence, with a dynamic work environment and cutting-edge approach, is ideal for individuals seeking growth and development in their field s for a platform to contribute to company’s success while honing valuable skills in an evolving industry.

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Kitopi stands out as the employer of choice for those who want to build a profitable business in Dubai. The company’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of innovation creates an ideal environment for personal and professional growth. In addition to competitive compensation and benefits, Kitopi offers a supportive and inclusive work environment, which fosters collaboration and teamwork. As Dubai’s vibrant cosmopolitan backdrop joins the company’s forward-thinking ethos, Kitopi employees find themselves in a dynamic and inspiring environment Whether you dream of contributing to technology in the food industry or positively impacting customer experiences, Kitopi Jobs & Careers in Dubai is for passionate individuals.

Working at Kitopi comes with a host of benefits that aim to support employees’ well-being, career growth, and overall satisfaction. While specific benefits may vary based on job roles and locations, some common benefits that Kitopi offers to its employees include

Competitive Compensation

Kitopi strives to provide competitive salaries and benefits packages, ensuring that employees are fairly rewarded for their contributions and skills.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Kitopi values the health and well-being of its employees, offering comprehensive health insurance plans that cover medical, dental, and vision expenses. Wellness programs may also be provided to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Career Development

Kitopi is committed to fostering the professional growth of its employees. They may offer training and development programs, mentorship opportunities, and career advancement prospects within the company.

Flexible Work Environment

Depending on the role, Kitopi may offer flexible work hours or remote work options, providing employees with a healthy work-life balance.

Employee Discounts

Kitopi employees may enjoy discounts on the company’s products and services, fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation.

Inclusive and Diverse Culture

Kitopi prides itself on maintaining an inclusive and diverse workplace, promoting a supportive and collaborative environment for all employees.

Employee Recognition

Kitopi acknowledges and rewards outstanding performance and contributions through various recognition programs, motivating employees to excel in their roles.

Social Events and Activities

The company may organize social events, team-building activities, and employee gatherings to promote a sense of camaraderie among the workforce.

Employee Assistance Programs

Kitopi may provide support services like counseling, financial advice, or other assistance programs to help employees during challenging times.

Jobs List

Commis Chef -Lebanese Cuisine

2) Director of Product Management – Consumer

3) Information Security Manager (Governance & Compliance)

4) Waiter/Waitress (Arabic Speaker)

5) Senior Data Analyst (Brand & Growth)

6) Senior IT Specialist

7) Intern – Brand Management

8) Data Analyst – Meal Plans

9) Associate – Accounts Payable

10) Intern – Treasury

11) Product Support Manager

12) Commis Chef (Ras Al Khaimah)

13) Sushi Chef

14) Product Support Specialist

15) Data Warehouse Architec

16) Junior Video Editor

17) Business Development Executive

18) Commis Chef

19) Experimentation Lead

20) Marketing Executive

21) Data Analyst

22) Brand / Area Chef

23) Microsoft Dynamics Developer

24) Restaurant Manager

25) Product Specialist – Genesys Support

26) Associate – Employee Relations

27) Senior Sous Chef

28) Digital Quality Assurance Agent (Arabic Speaker)

29) Commi

30) Waiters

31) Data Warehouse Architect

32) Command Center Analyst

33) Process Excellence Specialist

34) Commi-Chinese Cuisine

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