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Jobs Opening at Al-Futtaim Group – Dubai _ UAE We have come a long way and to grow in today’s competitive and ever changing global economy, we have set our sights and standards high – and seek to exceed them. Our strength is in our diversity; in the 100+ nationalities that make up our workforce, in the vast portfolio of international brands that we represent, and the many countries that we now operate in.The only way we can grow together as a strong and cohesive global organisation is through our strongest asset – our people. We offer employees numerous career opportunities, in a culture that rewards quality performance and supports them in their journey to success, all whilst working for world famous brands.

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Every employee is supported to grow to their full potential through better learning and development opportunities to ensure that their careers at Al-Futtaim are enjoyable and long lasting. We also aim to attract and retain the best talent to make Al-Futtaim a stimulating workplace, where people want to come and work, and where people stay and aspire to grow with our businesses.

Al-Futtaim has a bright and exciting future, elevating our people to the next level is a considerable investment and exciting opportunities lie ahead!As a diversified organisation, we bring the quality and reputation of more than 200 companies into your life. Al-Futtaim’s 33,000 dedicated employees are committed to helping you make the right choice – no matter your location or need – in sectors as varied as automotive, retail, real estate and finance. The Al-Futtaim Group is a prominent and diversified conglomerate headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Established in the 1930s, the company has a rich history and has grown into one of the leading business entities in the region. Al-Futtaim operates across a wide range of industries, showcasing a diverse portfolio of businesses that include automotive, retail, real estate, financial services, construction, healthcare, hospitality, and education.In the automotive sector, the group represents several renowned automobile brands and is involved in the retail and distribution of cars, commercial vehicles, and spare parts. In the retail segment, Al-Futtaim operates various retail stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets, offering an extensive array of products to cater to diverse customer needs. Their real estate ventures encompass residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties, contributing to urban development and infrastructure projects.
Beyond these core areas, Al-Futtaim’s business interests extend to financial services, where they have investments in insurance, asset management, and retail banking. The group is also involved in the construction sector, undertaking projects in infrastructure development and engineering services.Al-Futtaim’s commitment to serving the community is evident through its presence in the healthcare sector, where they operate hospitals, clinics, and distribute medical equipment. Moreover, they are engaged in the hospitality industry, operating hotels and resorts that provide world-class services to travelers and tourists.Additionally, Al-Futtaim has invested in the education sector, supporting schools and educational institutions to foster learning and development in the communities they serve.

About Al-Futtaim Group

Careers at Al-Futtaim Group: Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the group’s significant expansion in recent years through strategic acquisitions has seen entry into new territories beyond the GCC and Greater Middle East to encompass Africa, South East and North Asia, Australasia and Europe. Established in the 1930s, today Al-Futtaim is considered a pioneer and employs in excess of 44,000 people, operates through more than 110 companies and represents more than 225 international brands across industries as diverse as retail and wholesale trading, distribution, financial services, real estate. Headquartered in Dubai, the prestigious company Al-Futtaim Group has been a pioneer in various sectors since the early 1930s With its diversified portfolio the group has a large presence in the automotive industry, representing a wide range of vehicles leading through retail and distribution besides, Al Futtaim retail stores , operates in supermarkets and supermarkets, offering a wide range of products from electronics and home appliances to fashion and lifestyle Their buildings and housing projects include residential, commercial and mixed-use properties, reflecting a commitment to developing active communities . The Group’s involvement in financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and education continues to demonstrate its commitment to supporting various sectors of the economy.For job seekers, Al Futtaim Group offers exciting opportunities to be part of a dynamic and diverse organisation. With its extensive presence and global reach across many industries, joining Al Futam offers a rewarding career path with growth and development prospects Aspirant candidates can apply for positions in retail management, automotive, real estate and in home development, finance, manufacturing, health services, hospitality and educational activities . The company’s commitment to excellence and reputation for customer-centric services make Al-Futtaim an attractive employer for those seeking a fulfilling and enriching professional experience in Dubai and beyond.

Job In UAE

1) Sr. Visual Merchandiser- Watch | Retail | Watches & Jewellery

2) Talent Acquisition Researcher

3) Graphic Designer

4) System Analyst

5) Planning Assistant | Retail | Marks & Spencer

6) Sales Manager

7) Sales Associate | Brompton Bikes

8) Accountant – O2C | Finance Shared Service Center | Corporate Services

9) Procurement Engineer

10) HSE Engineer

11) Senior Procurement Engineer

12) General Manager – Private Properties

13) Sonographer

14) Sales Manager – Small Medium Enterprises

15) Finance Graduates

16) Retail Sales Executive

17) Sales Engineer – Firefighting maintenance

18) Planning Assistant

19) UAE National_Data Engineer | Enterprise IT

20) Graphic Designe

21) National_SMT – Tenant Relations

22) Technician – Industrial Products

23) UAEN HR Business Partner | Retail | AF Watches & Jewellery

24) Parts Inventory Control Executive

25) Online Merchandiser

26) Network engineer

27) Freight Sales Executive

28) Chartered Accountant – Commercial Manager

29) Sr. Visual Merchandiser- Watch

30) Electric Vehicle Sales Executive

31) Solution Expert – FICO | Enterprise IT

32) Data Engineer | Enterprise IT

33) Talent Acquisition Partner | Retail

34) Cyber Security Engineer

35) Senior Product Manager

36) Accountant | Blue

37) Finance Manager

38) Sales Consultant

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