Job Vacancy Beaconhouse Private School In Al Ain Dubai

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Beaconhouse Private School is situated in the Garden city of Al Ain in the UAE, within the school district and is a very convenient location and home to our prestigious school.

Our school starting in 2019 with modern facilities and very spacious school infrastructures,  provides students of the Al Ain community with a high standard quality education, which embodies all of Beaconhouse Education Group’s ethos.We are part of the Beaconhouse Education School Group worldwide, with 730+ schools in 7 countries and growing. This pursuit of an outstanding education system is achieved with learning being at the heart of everything we do. Developing students’ key skills such as; collaboration, cooperation, communication, creativity, and critical thinking are an important part of our educational ethos. Our focus is to help our children learn and grow as we want them to thrive and be lifelong learners. Our teachers are passionate and seek to ensure that every child achieves their highest potential.Parent support and partnerships are integral to a quality learning and experience and we truly value the relationship that our school has built with parents and the wider community. We are confident that our facilities and high standards of teaching and learning will lead to successful outcomes for all our students.Thank you for visiting our website and we hope that you receive some insights into life here at Beaconhouse Private School in Al Ain. We would be delighted to hear from you and look forward to welcoming everyone to our wonderful school community.

About Beaconhouse 

I have always believed in working in collaboration with teachers, staff, parents, and students. Sharing best practices, innovations, and ideas through open and transparent communication enables all of us to employ the most efficient and rewarding learning journey for each student and staff member. I believe we all are life–long learners trying, implementing, and enhancing new pedagogical ideas and strategies. I wish to enhance the ethos at school which allows every member of the school community from students to teachers to celebrate the success that we build together hand in hand.
My educational philosophy is very simple: every child has the right to have high-quality education, every child is able to learn and it is our task to give every student the opportunity to seek and apply his or her full potential. Students are active members of the learning community. They learn to set goals and solve problems both independently and together with others. Linguistic and physical elements and the use of different senses are essential for thinking and learning. While acquiring new knowledge and skills, students learn to reflect on their learning and emotions. The joy of learning and creative activities promote learning and inspire students to develop their competences. There is time, space, and place for thinking, planning, exploring, and assessing learning processes in a versatile way. Learning together promotes students’ skills in creative and critical thinking and problem‐solving, and their ability to understand different viewpoints and justify their outcomes.Learning happens everywhere at school and outside the school community in various communities, entities, and learning environments. The students can engage with their learning in the corridors, outdoor areas, library, football pit, halls, basically everywhere. Developing learning- to-learn skills lays the foundation for goal‐oriented and lifelong learning. Students are guided to become aware of their personal ways of learning and how to use this knowledge to promote their learning.

Job title

Math Teacher
English Teacher
Homeroom Teacher
Business Teacher
Art Teacher
UAE Cover Teacher
PA to the Principal
Arabic and Islamic A & B

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