Best Canadian Hospital Job Vacancy In Dubai

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Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dubai has been made aware of fraudulent employment offers being extended to candidates in the form of emails, mails, text messages, facsimiles and/or through fraudulent websites or through agenciesIf you have received a letter of employment claiming to be from Canadian Specialist Hospital asking to transfer money in order to secure your job opportunity, these letters are fraudulent and were not issued by us. Canadian Specialist Hospital never requests nor accepts financial deposits in order to secure a job opportunity. We further declare that, we have not assigned any agency or manpower consultant to recruit on our behalf. Any fraudulent communication

About Canadian Hospital 

As an AI language model, I don’t have access to real-time information or specific details about specific hospitals. However, I can provide you with general information about Canadian hospitals.In Canada, healthcare is primarily publicly funded and administered by the provinces and territories, under the umbrella of the Canadian healthcare system. Canadian hospitals are an integral part of this system, providing a range of medical services to the population.As of my last update in September 2021, I cannot provide specific information about a particular Canadian hospital, as my knowledge is limited to that point. However, I can give you a general description of what you might expect from a typical Canadian hospital.Canadian hospitals are medical institutions that provide a wide range of healthcare services to patients. These hospitals play a crucial role in the Canadian healthcare system, which is publicly funded and aims to provide universal access to medical care for all Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Latest job vacancies

1) Trainee Pharmacist

2) Registered Nurse

3) Specialist Radiologist

4) Physiotherapist



5) Endoscopy Technician

6) CT – MRI Radiographer

7) Patient Engagement Executive/ Officer / Team lead – UAE Nationals Only

8) Specialist Medical Oncologist

9) General Practitioner – ICU/CCU

10) Pharmacist

11) Biomedical Engineer

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