Best American University Careers & Job Vacancy In Dubai

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erican University in the Emirates (AUE) invites applications from well-qualified candidates for a range of faculty and administrative positions. AUE is licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, UAE, and located in the Dubai Academic City.AUE includes the seven Colleges: College of Law, College of Education, College of Design, College of Business Administration, College of Media and Mass Communication, College of Computer Information Technology and College of Security and Strategic Studies.The College of Business Administration at the American University in the Emirates is accredited by AACSBThe Bachelor of Computer Science in the College of Computer Information Technology is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.Faculty candidates should be, at a minimum, Ph.D. graduates from accredited universities, with successful university teaching experience and research published in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals. At AUE, the language of instruction and management in English, except in the College of Law, where most courses are provided in Arabic.Since its inception in 2006, AUE has cemented its place as one of the core higher education institutions in the GCC region. Boasting a world-class campus and highly-acclaimed faculty, AUE is proud to welcome students from all around the world.

About American University Careers

The American University in the Emirates is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, one of the most thriving and exciting modern cities in the world.
Dubai is known for its year-round sunshine, fascinating deserts, endless beaches, luxurious hotels and shopping malls, heritage attractions and a thriving business community. The local Emirati people offer warm hospitality and are welcoming and generous to visitors, in turn receiving millions of leisure and business visitors each year from around the world.
Being a dominant business hub, most companies around the world hold an office in Dubai or operate in Dubai in some way. In addition, its environment of excellence in services and offering everything in one’s desire influences new companies to open every day to cater to the population. For this reason, studying in such a business driven city can help anyone with a perseverance to succeed to find and build a prosperous career that is not only recognized, but also celebrated when taken anywhere outside of the city.
Dubai is a city that incorporates a home-from-home lifestyle, inhabiting a diverse population with people building their dreams from around the world. It is practically impossible to feel alone in Dubai as it beholds a community for every country, city and interest.

Dubai is home to approximately 52 institutions of higher learning, including 27 branch campuses from eleven countries around the world. Enrollment in private higher education institutions rose by 12% in 2012. These included several accredited at the federal level by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, through the Commission for Academic Accreditation, as with the American University in the Emirates.
AUE is proud to be part of the dynamic City of Dubai, and to be engaged in developing and connecting the minds of graduates who will become an important part of Dubai’s further development in the decades ahead, while also adding significant value to the region and the world. link

Jobs Vacancy

Alumni Officer
CDES – Faculty – Digital Animation
CEDU – Adjunct Faculty – Innovation and Entrepreneurship
CEDU – Adjunct Faculty – Psychology
CEDU – Adjunct Faculty – Sociology
CEDU – Faculty – Special Education
CEDU – Visiting Faculty – History (Bilingual)
CLAW – Adjunct Faculty – Sports Law
CLAW – Civil Law – Visiting Faculty (Bilingual)
CLAW – Sharia Law – Visiting Faculty
CMMC – Visiting Faculty – International Relations
COBA – Adjunct Faculty – Accounting

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